Thing 20: What does a supportive workplace look like?

In Thing 20 you will explore how your organisation can assist you to develop your leadership capabilities and support your continuous learning.

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You may find it helpful to complete Things 1-4 before starting Thing 20.


To enable effective leadership at all levels, employers must create a supportive environment where early learning and childcare practitioners can use and develop their own leadership skills to the best of their ability. It is crucial that your employer values and supports the development of your leadership capabilities as well as those of managers and of the children, young people, their families and carers who use your service. This includes encouraging and enabling initiative, creativity, measured risk-taking and professional autonomy. The SSSC Codes of Practice for Employers sets out the responsibilities of employers in the regulation of social service workers.

The Continuous Learning Framework (CLF) sets out six organisational capabilities which provide employers with a springboard for building cultures which are supportive of developing leadership at all levels.


1. Watch the short animation which explains the six organisational capabilities.

2. Reflect on the six organisational capabilities with your manager and how you can use these to support learning and leadership development within your workplace.

3. In at least 200 words, write an account that covers your thoughts about the above activities and how you think you could use some or all of the six organisational capabilities to support continuous learning and leadership development.

You can provide the statement on the Open Badge application form or provide a link to your own *blog/portfolio. You may find it helpful to look at Recording Your Learning and Reflecting on Leadership.

*If you want to use a blog or ePortfolio entry as evidence, you might find our guide to preparing and publishing your evidence useful.

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