Thing 2: Leadership / management?

In Thing 2, you will explore the difference between leadership and management and reflect on how these are used in your everyday role.

Thing 7: Motivating and inspiring others

In Thing 7 you will examine what it takes to motivate and inspire others and why this is important for good leadership. We ask you to think about who has inspired and motivated you and what have you done to encourage others to be the best they can be.

Thing 8: Empowering leadership: how do I empower others?

In Thing 8 you will look at how you enable others to develop and use their leadership capacity. We ask you to think about what part you play or could play in promoting a culture of empowerment and what you could do differently, or better to empower others.

Thing 11: The six leadership capabilities

In Thing 11 you will reflect on the learning you have achieved from Thing 4 (Leadership capability feedback tool) and Things 5 to 10 on the six individual leadership capabilities.